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The trailer now heads back to Michael, he is seen here sitting with another man in what appears to be a therapist's office, the computer on the desk looks to be based on the Apple iMac and OS X operating system, the mousepad reads 'Fruit' with a logo of a fruit bowl, a reference to the apple in Apple's logo, which is odd considering the phone held by the bikini girl in the artwork is called an 'iFruit', this would mean the phone would be called a 'Fruit iFruit'.

As we get a close up shot of Michael in the therapist's office, we hear the therapist say to him "Your son, James, he's a good kid?"

We then jump into an action sequence featuring Michael, Franklin and a kid in a black and red jersey, that must be James, or Jimmy as he is also known. Michael is driving a red Sentinel convertible following Franklin and James who are on a Marquis yacht on the back of a truck, when Jimmy is hit by the boom and swings out over the traffic in front of a large truck, whether this is all a cut scene or if it's possible to load other vehicles such a boats onto trucks is unknown.

As Jimmy swings out hanging onto the boom of the yacht, Michael weaves amongst the swerving traffic, including a red hatchback resembling a VW Golf and Seat Léon, and a car that looks like it could be a Regina or Perennial is seen spinning out of control, we can also see the Sentinel badge on the back of Michaels car in this shot. Also notice in this shot, they are heading up onto a bridge.

This next shot must take a place a couple of minutes after the previous as the background would indicate they have already passed over the bridge, as Jimmy falls into the back of the Sentinel convertible, could this be an indication of an improvement in physics, could running someone over end up with them landing in your back seats, or could you potentially jump into the back of a moving car. Also to the right a Dilettante hybrid car, based on the Toyota Prius, is seen as it gets crushed between two trucks.

The trailer stays with Michael and Jimmy but they are now in a different car and it is night time, perhaps this is later the same day. Jimmy says to Michael "OK, let's bounce" to which Michael responds "Bounce? We're bouncing now?". Jimmy has a tattoo on his neck that looks like it reads 'Entitled'. Also noticable in the background is the Nutsaki restaurant who's logo below is rather phallic looking, and a blue car that looks like it could be loosely based on the Lotus Elise or a Tesla Roadster.

We're back with Trevor now who is brutally beating a man on the side of the road, no context for the beating is given, but then since when does Trevor need a reason.

From another angle, we can still see Trevor kicking the man laying on the floor, we now also see 2 men and a girl watching the beating. The girl's jacket looks like one worn by members of The Lost MC in Liberty City, and the man being beaten on the floor looks like he may be wearing the same jacket.

Still with Trevor, we see him in a plane on an airstrip in the desert, Trevor is an ex-pilot so he'll be the one doing the majority of the flying. Behind him we see gang vans, with red wheels and a red spoiler, on the vans a logo of a skull and wings can be seen, this is the same logo seen on the Slamvan's in The Lost and The Damned belonging to The Lost MC. Rockstar have said there may be some cameos from characters in IV so maybe The Lost is who they were referring to. There is also one of these vans chasing the plane, but it's hidden behind the plane at this angle, the men in the vans are shooting at Trevor as a plume of smoke billows up into the sky from behind, we can see Trevor duck and shield his face as the bullets hit the plane, another hint towards dynamic character animations.

After escaping the gunfire Trevor flies the plane, which now has it's landing gear raised, over a train crossing a bridge, we can see mountainous terrain way off into the distance in this direction.

As Trevor flies by the camera we can see that there is a plane in the distance that he may be pursuing. Also visible is the gorgeous scenery with the light refracted off the water between the trees, and the mountains off in the distance in this direction too, giving you an idea of the scale of Grand Theft Auto V's map.

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