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As Franklin speeds off in a 9F, that he has presumably repossessed from the man running from the house waving his hands, another indication of new dynamic animations reacting to the world around them. Also visible is a security camera, perhaps committing a crime in view of these cameras will gain you a wanted star.

Franklin and Lamar now weave their way through Los Santos traffic, Franklin still in the 9F and Lamar in the same Aston Martin crossed with a new Jaguar F-Type, and a hint of Nissan 350Z thrown in that was seen in the first trailer, he narrowly avoids colliding with what looks like a convertible Manana or Esperanto, on the left looks to be a variant of the Moonbeam.

As this scene continues, Franklin in the 9F drives past a vehicle with similarities to some of the lowriders in San Andreas, possibly the Savanna or Blade. An Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant can be seen in the background.

Still following Franklin we find him in what looks to be a very upscale apartment having a conversation with a woman, she says "I don't care how many cars you own, you ain't changing"

The short amount that we see of this situation isn't enough to tell whether this woman is Franklin's wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin or just a friend of his, but she seems to care for him. In the background we get another look at the apartment, whether this is Franklin's place or not is unknown.

After that we jump into a quick action scene, a car transporter is fleeing from a police car, when it drops one of the cars on the back, which resembles an Aston Martin DB5, still on the back of the transporter is a car that looks like the Bullet GT, a car based on the Ford GT. This scene looks to be a cut scene based on the way the car falls and the police car avoids it, but hopefully the car transporters are usable by the player in the same way.

We're back with Franklin and Lamar, Lamar says "I'm gettin' my money in the hood, I'm cool", to which Franklin replies with "Cool? What, slinging dope and throwin' up gang signs?". Indicating that Franklin wants to move up in the world, which is probably why he joins Michael and Trevor, for bigger payouts.

Another angle of the same scene with Franklin and Lamar, we can see in the background the same house we see them in front of with Michael earlier, maybe this scene is chronologically set before the earlier scene where they repossess the 9F sports car.

The next scene shows a car resembling a Pagani Zonda and Ferrari Enzo, smashing into a Minivan, sending it flying. The car in the background appears to be an IV era Sentinel, but it's hard to tell, it could just be a hard top variant of the V era Sentinel, but it would be nice to see both in the game.

As this shot continues we see an F620 sports car pursuing the previous vehicle, originally seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony, it resembles a Maserati GranTurismo and Jaguar XK. behind that is a Premier from IV.

As the pursuing F620 speeds past the camera we catch a glimpse of Franklin at the wheel, but we can't make out who's driving the car in front.

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