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As the trailer opens we have a shot of Los Santos' version of the Griffith Observatory, overlooking the city, the blimp we saw multiple times in the first trailer is still circling above the Los Santos skyline, you may also notice that a pedestrian is sitting on a wall, previously pedestrians would only sit on benches, but having them lean or sit in other places make things seem more natural.

The next scene is a birds-eye view of Michael's house, one of our 3 protagonists, he made a deal with the FIB back in the day, most likely to rat out his partners and was entered into the witness protection program, but as we'll see his life is not all it's cracked up to be. Other small noticable things are the car reminiscent of a Windsor in the corner, the people playing tennis and the gardener at work.

We move round to the front of Michael's house and see his 9F sports car on the driveway, Grand Theft Auto's version of the Audi R8. As this shot pans across we start to hear two women shouting at each other from inside the house.

Once inside the house we hear Michael's wife, Amanda telling their teenage daughter, Tracy, that "He's not staying the night, He's a bum" to which Tracy responds "Oh my god!". You may also notice the tattoos on Tracy's lower back and neck, this may be a hint towards customisation returning, Rockstar have said that there will be clothes to purchase and mentioned there wouldn't be the same fat and muscle mechanics from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but didn't say that tattoos wouldn't be customisable. Lastly in this close up shot you can see the individually modeled objects on the counter.

The scene heads back outside as Amanda and Tracy continue to argue inside the house, Michael picks up a leaf from the poolside and tosses it into the plants, as he walks toward the sun loungers, cigar and drink in hand. His voice over begins "You know, I've been in this game for a lot of years, I got out alive..."

As Michael lays on a sun lounger his voice over continues "...If you want my advice; give the shit up". We can see the pool in this shot and the water looks much cleaner and more inviting than it did in Grand Theft Auto IV, it has been mentioned that scuba gear has been added but it is as yet unknown whether it is possible to swim underwater without the scuba gear with a breath meter as in San Andreas.

This next shot is the title card, before the Grand Theft Auto V text appears, in front of the bus we see a modern pickup truck that's different to any seen in previous games, similar to a Toyota or Ford, and  driving off to the right, we see what looks to be a Sabre GT following an Esperanto. As this shot continues, a train passes under the highway pulling tanker carriages, it is a likely possibility that we will be able to drive these trains again, but whether we will be able to hitch and unhitch the carriages is unknown. Also noticeable is the amount of graffiti, just like Los Santos' real life counterpart.

Moving closer to the outskirts of the city of Los Santos we see a highway stretching into the distance, in the top left you may notice a wind farm that could be the one shown in the first trailer. We can see a range of different truck cabs towing trailers, whether these spawn randomly hitched or if the player can do it is unknown, also in this shot is many Biff trucks from IV, they all appear to be the dump truck variety, maybe the flatbed variety has not been implemented into the game yet, but it likely will be, there is also a van on the left, possibly a Pony, or Burrito or maybe the return of the Rumpo.

Moving even further out into the countryside, we come across what appears to be a bar with two likely drunk men fighting outside, driving past is a battered up classic car reminiscent of the Oceanic,  or Glendale from Vice City or the Tornado from San Andreas, also seen in the foreground is an even more battered up old car which could be a version of the Hustler from San Andreas, or perhaps another vehicle based on an old Ford. In the background we can see large satellite dishes, which are hidden behind the truck to the right in the background of the previous shot.

Once out in the countryside, we're now introduced to another one of our protagonists, Trevor, the psychopath. He appears to have dumped someones trailer into a river, perhaps these trailers are movable by using tow trucks or flatbeds, during these next few scenes, we hear Trevor saying "The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips Enterprise, or they ain't goin'!". Lastly from this shot we can see the water from the flowing river hitting the trailer, dynamic flowing water is, I believe, a first for a Grand Theft Auto game.

We see Trevor smashing a guys head into a bar, could this be a dynamic melee attack that adjusts dependent on where the opponent is facing and your surroundings, or is that wishful thinking? You can also see a reptile tank in the background, we know some sort of wildlife will be appearing in the game is this a hint towards finding snakes and lizards out in the desert?

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